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Emma Henley
Shreveport, Louisiana
I kinda feel bad for cheating haha :D but well, so much gems and food are worth it.
Michael Jervin Elago
How long does it take to my account?
Viktor Pazman
Rainy River High School
Just wait 3-5 minutes. If not working you can try again, maybe the system is busy right now.
Michael Jervin Elago
Working, thank you
Andrea Scandolera
Thousand Oaks, California
You guys are awesome! Can't wait to show my friends!!!
Zsozsó Bartha
damn it really works thanks man lol.
Muhammad Mukaram
It works perfectly. I would do it tomorrow to my friends
Harfin Putra
Brisbane, Australia
Does your phone have to be rooted?
Teodosije Popović
I got the coins on my unrooted samsung j7.
Ayan Khan
Paris, France
Holy butts it actually works thanks man.
Shahzayn Ali
thank you so much !
Bob F Corning
Wow it's woking!
Jeanie Williamson Hill
Man High School
wow. thanks for the coins buddy.
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